• Why Klimasan?

    Klimasan part of Metalfrio Solutions world leader in commercial refrigeration has built reputation for reliability over the last 50 years through investing in technologies and intellectual capital. Metalfrio Klimasan has a strong brand recognition and an extensive global presence with its diverse portfolio of product and services.

  • Technology

    Klimasan has committed to design and deliver products with the highest level of innovation, quality and safety. It employs the latest technologies and state-of-art design to develop and manufacture solutions that supports our customers commercial strategy.

  • Sustainability

    Metalfrio Solutions / Klimasan considers as its management priority to develop and inspire a sense of environmental responsibility to all its stakeholders. As part of this effort it has drastically reduced the carbon footprint of it products (impact free gas, low energy, recyclability) and operations.

  • Life Cycle

    Life | Cycle aims to offer to its customers an one-stop-shop, best-in-class services partnership; serving the complete range of customer’s cooling equipment and providing a tailor-made, efficient and complete set of value adding After Sales Services.

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