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Metalfrio Solutions
Your Cool Partner Worldwide

Metalfrio Solutions is a global leader in providing solutions in commercial refrigeration industry. Klimasan supply base consists of 4 strategically located manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and Russia as well as an extensive network of sales offices in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Denmark, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, United States and distributors around the world.

Since 1969

50+ years of refreshing the World.

Global Experience

Fulfilling the requirements of retail sector.

5 production facilities in 2 continents

Brazil: Três Lagoas
Brazil: Vitoria de Santo Antão
Mexico: Celaya
Turkey: Manisa
Russia: Kaliningrad

4 Refurbishment Center:

4 refurbishment centers
Brazil: Sao Paulo
Brazil: Vitoria de Santo Antao
Mexico: Celaya
Turkey: Manisa

10 Sales Offices Worldwide

Brazil: São Paulo

Mexico: Celaya

Indonesia: Jakarta

Bolivia: La Paz

USA: San Antonio

South Africa:  Johannesburg

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Nigeria: Lagos

Turkey: Istanbul

Poland: Warsaw

Servicing more than 100 countries

Gold Medal as a recognition of their EcoVadis Rating (2023)

More than 150 vertical/horizontal models

R&D centre with accredited testing lab for global beverage brands

The biggest R&D team in sector


8 product categories customised for though climate conditions.