Ensuring Quality For Years

Refreshing the world for 50+ years, we are realising customer needs, achieving upmost satisfaction and also protecting same quality level. Because we know that our leadership in commercial refrigeration market depends on designing every detail with a quality mindset in every step.

Progressing For Sustainable Future

At our Ecovadis report published in 2020, we have been awarded with “Golden status” and we are ranked among top 5% suppliers. This is based on our assessments including Klimasan’s liabaility for environment, employee and human rights, sustainable procurement services.

Using Cool Technologies

As Klimasan, we are Integrating our heritage and experience with latest technologies to provide modern and high quality products. In addition to durable and high perfromance products we are providing innovative solutions for our business partners and customers.

Our Product Group

Beverage Coolers

Wide range of high quality and aesthetically advanced Beverage and Beer Coolers to attract consumer attention and maximize sales at the Point of Sale.

Supermarket Cabinets

Klimasan supermarket freezers are user friendly, energy efficient and convenient to operate to increase commercial success of the retailers.They are designed to enhance retail sales with their low energy and noise.

Wine Coolers

Metalfrio Wine Solutions combine elegant look with carefully controlled temperature range to secure that your wine selection is maintained at the optimum temperature.


Klimasan freezers are designed to maximize storage capacity while securing that products are maintained at the required temperature with high energy efficiency. Their modern design makes them easy to fit at the locations of use.


Metalfrio/Klimasan is committed to design and deliver products with the highest level of safety, performance and energy efficiency by utilizing latest technologies and state-of-art design contents.


Klimasan has committed to design and deliver products with the highest level of innovation, quality and safety. It employs the latest technologies and state-of-art design to develop and manufacture solutions that supports our customers commercial strategy.


Metalfrio Solutions / Klimasan considers as its management priority to develop and inspire a sense of environmental responsibility to all its stakeholders. As part of this effort it has drastically reduced the carbon footprint of it products (impact free gas, low energy, recyclability) and operations.


“Top of Mind” global brand in the commercial refrigeration industry, with more than 50 years of tradition in quality and innovation solutions.

Leading regional brand in Europe, Central Asia and Middle East with more than 50 years presence in the industry.

The leader in Turkish commercial refrigeration market, recognized for its top quality and dependability.

One of Europe’s most renowned and traditional commercial refrigeration brands active today in the area of commercial freezers.

Top brand in Europe in the area of commercial freezers.


We are at your side with technical support and consultancy throughout the product life-cycle.

More than 200.000/year

Mobile software integration with third part ERPs (SAP etc.)

93% of after sale operations within 24 hours.

Warehouse management for authorised services

100% end user questionnare for customer satisfaction

Advanced reporting with Metalfrio mobile service tracking software

Advanced e-performance system for authorised services

100% hand terminal usage

Regular in-house technical training

Metalfrio Solutions is a global leader in providing solutions in commercial refrigeration industry. Klimasan supply base consists of 4 strategically located manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and Russia as well as an extensive network of sales offices in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Denmark, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, United States and distributors around the world.

Klimasan with Numbers

Production Capacity

Number of Models

More Than Customers

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