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Our Mission

We are a unique global team passionate about delivering the best cooling solutions to our partners and providing broad opportunities to our people.

Our Vision 2025

One committed team to be our customers’ preferred choice through outstanding value creation and leading performance.

Our Values

Our values that we aim to protect and develop as we move forward to realize our mission are;


Indicated by our Quality Policy.

Customer Satisfaction

We work to meet the needs of our customers and create value for them at every stage of the product’s design, production, sales, after-sales services and all activities within our organization.

People Focusing

We see our employees as the most important factor and we care about our human resources in ensuring the continuity of our organization’s vision, protecting our values , transferring our values to future generations and sharing a common corporate culture.

Team Spirit

We adopt a corporate management approach which gives importance to teamwork, participatory and loyal to the system.


We care about maintaining long-term relationships with our customers with the understanding of business partnership.


We believe in the importance of rapidly adapting to constantly developing technologies and commercial requirements in the world.


Quality is carried out within the scope of Improvement Process and are constantly audited and evaluated.


We commit to be an exemplary company with our valid business principles, to treat our employees equally and fairly without discrimination in accordance with human rights and freedoms, and to be open to diversity and different ideas;


Establishing open and transparent communication, conveying the vision in a consistent way, good management of the work and effective use of resources

Equity (Fairness)

Non-discrimination and equal treatment, being objective in rewards, promotion and recruitment, diversity and being open to different ideas


Being proud of own work, teamwork and business achievements

Respect for Employees

Supporting the development by appreciating the achievements, ensuring the participation of the employees in the decisions, taking into account the individual wishes and expectations

Klimasan Ethical Code of Conduct and Principles of Practice

Klimasan Supplier Code of Conduct