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Life Cycle Services

Optional Life|Cycle Services which are specified below, can be selected separately or as a package. Some Life|Cycle Services may not be available in some countries.

To get a full picture about what Life|Cycle can offer you please contact Life|Cycle at [email protected] and


Light & Medium Refurbishment

We offer to cooling equipment returning from POS thorough sanitization, aesthetical and functional checks and upgrades like change of stickers, electrical electronic – mechanical and cooling check-ups and perform electrical safety test and gas leakage test. The equipment’s life-time is being extended. Functional upgrades maybe applied, for example replacing fluorescent tubes with LEDs or mechanical thermostats with energy management electronic controllers; aiming less energy consumption and better cooling performance. Light Refurbishment can be done in Klimasan Refurbishment Centers or customer warehouses.

Heavy Refurbishment

Before doing the Light Refurbishment checks, upgrades and tests, the cooling equipment undergoes a thoroughgoing body surface treatment both externally and internally (sanding to peel off surface irregularities, putty filling, fine surface finishing and finally liquid spray painting).

The equipment are fully renovated, looking like new; their life-time increases and their merchandizing ability increases significantly. Heavy Refurbishment can be done only in Klimasan Refurbishment Centers.

Integrated Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Availability

Life|Cycle does the historical spare parts consumption analysis, forecasting, demand planning and sourcing of needful spare parts for Warranty and the Customized Services Solutions. Competitive spare parts pricing and lead-times, utilizing the big supply base of Klimasan’ plant.


Quality & Compliance Guarantee

All spare parts for services are of same quality and specifications like the components used in cooler production; ensuring durability, longer life-time and compliance with international and national standards.


All Life Cycle Services

Waste Management

We provide services in order to prevent an environmental pollution, disposing of properly the products after their commercial life and complying with the Regulation of Electric and Electronic Items Waste Control (WEEE).


Post Warranty Corrective Repairs

Through a carefully selected third party well-trained and authorized services network, within reasonable response time and in a very large geography, Life|Cycle provides all corrective repairs. Can be applied to all customer cooling equipment fleet; enabling them to fully outsource the field repairs to one reliable service partner.


Preventive Maintenance

Brings your cooling equipment at maximum efficiency while prolonging its life-time through periodical visits at your cooling equipment performing sanitization, checking, diagnosing and fixing any electrical, electronic, mechanical and aesthetical issues.


Placement, Removal, Warehousing

We can warehouse your cooling equipment, deliver them to POS and removing them back to warehouse, according to your needs, through a portal application.


Installation & Mounting at POS

At POS we can do installation and commissioning of cooling equipment and mounting of shelves into coolers; ensuring proper running performance and warranty.


Asset traceability

Thanks to our licensed add-on devices, installed into our products, we are able to provide extra services to customers like monitoring temperature and location of products online and manage the desired parameters.


Extended Warranty

Corrective actions in field for Klimasan cooling equipment for a larger period that their warranty period. May cover additional repairs, like customer faults or even ‘all-risk’ conditions; aiming to extend the period that customers do not get involved at all with cooling equipment repairs.