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Within the scope of social and environmental responsibility, Metalfrio Solutions constantly considers a management priority to develope and inspire a sense of environmental resposibility, among all its stakeholders.

Metalfrio has developed a complete range of green coolers that operate with impact free gas, up to 60% less energy consumption, lower operating expenses and overall better performance at the POS. Within this context, our design team seeks for sustainable solutions and practices in all stages of design and production while utilizing recyclable materials in order to minimize the carbon footprint of its products.

Furthermore, to enhance its sustainability leadership, Metalfrio implements its own carbon management strategy to reduce its environmental impact. In order to enhance our carbon management methodology, specific actions were taken to improve each and every process. Natural gas utilization and low electricity consumption were set as prior points that can create a rapid effect on Klimasan’s carbon footprint, together with waste management/reduction and recycling.

Klimasan is the first company in commercial cooler industry to receive ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate.

Starting in 2011, and calculating and reporting our Carbon Footprint every year, Klimasan has managed to reduce our Scope 1&2 carbon emmissions more than 46% from 2011 to 2015. In 2016, a new 5 year carbon emission plan was set.

Sustainability Policy

– Transforming the corporate sustainability perspective into a company culture,

– Efforts will be carried out to ensure that our employees and all key stakeholders become educated, competent, aware individuals in all areas required by sustainability awareness,

– To determine our business goals in all our activities by taking into account all three aspects of sustainability in economic, environmental and social dimensions,

– All of our operational and strategic goals, our activities and investments by adhering to ethical guidelines, environmental, social, we consider the effects on natural and cultural heritage, measure, evaluate, improve, and always, we are committed to.

Priority focus area in the scope of our work; adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, quality, environment, energy, Occupational Health and safety, including “integrated management systems” and “Sustainability” that will provide improvement in the areas of planning and to implement the applications in this field, our international performance based on the criteria we aim to publish our sustainability report every year

Klimasan Social Compliance Policy

Klimasan Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Report

As Klimasan, we are pleased to share with all our valuable stakeholders our second sustainability report, which we have prepared in accordance with the GRI Core Standards, which reflects our economic, environmental and social performance in 2021, and also includes our impacts as a result of our activities and the management of these impacts.

Our Sustainability Report, which is shaped under “Our Planet” “People” “Sustainable Business” and “Sustainable Growth” focal points within the framework of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy, including our contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; is a road map where we report our long-term strategic targets and commitments and our progress in this direction, together with our 2021 realizations.

Klimasan 2020 Sustainability Report

Klimasan 2021 Sustainability Report

Klimasan 2022 Sustainability Report


International Carbon Submit Conference

Carbon Management of Klimasan has been presented as a case study in “International Carbon Submit Conference in 2014 by the Carbon Clear Company (2013)


From 2013, Klimasan participates at Ecovadis. Our Enviromental Score increased from 40 to 70 and overall score increased from 35 to 55 Klimasan has been reported in Heineken Sustainability Report as a “Success Story”.

Coca Cola Enterprises Supplier Sustainability Webinar

Our Carbon foot print activities selected as a “Case Study” and Klimasan made a presentation in “Coca Cola Enterprises Supplier Sustainability Webinar” to the Coca Cola’s worldwide 350 suppliers.

Environmentally Sensitive Plant Contest

Klimasan has been awarded as Ranking 1 in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone’s”Environmentally Sensitive Plant Contest” the best company out of the 180 companies located in.

Integrated Management System

Klimasan is the first company in commercial cooler sector to receive 50001 Energy Management System Certificate. Our operations core targets include natural resource conservation, carbon footprint reduction, waste management and, waste reduction, recycling activities and, energy conservation. Starting in 2011, calculate and report our Carbon Footprint every year and managed to reduce our Scope 1&2 carbon emmissions more than 46% from 2011 to end of 2015. (Initial target was 25%). In 2016, a new 5 year carbon emission plan was set.